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Proteins are building blocks of the body and are absolutely essential for building every cell in the body.  Muscles, bones, hair, nails, tissues (including collagen), organs, enzymes for digestion and the antibodies which protect against infection are all made of proteins.  Proteins help you to keep your vitality, your stamina, your recuperative powers and, last but not least, your attractiveness.  All our cells are composed of amino acids and when proteins are digested they are broken down into amino acids, which cells use to repair themselves.  Put simply, proteins are vital for cellular repair and rebuilding and without it, the ageing process is accelerated.  Most attractive, appetizing protein dishes can be produced from pulses (seeds of leguminous plants), of which soya beans are the richest source.  Various other kinds of beans, peas, lentils and all types of nuts, cashew kernels, almonds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds can be the basis of tasty main courses, such as steaklets, croquettes, cutlets, roasts, enhanced by a wide choice of herbs.  Other good sources of proteins are wheat germ, yeast extract, milk fortified with powdered skim milk, cheese, eggs which add to the nutritive value and flavor of protein dishes.


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