Steamed Cabbage Rolls with Scallops Recipe

Steamed Cabbage Rolls with Scallops Recipe

(Taiwanese Recipe)

Ingredients: Serves 6

300g squid

40g fatty ground pork

6 dried scallops

8 leaves nappa cabbage

1 bamboo mat

Dash of sesame oil

Ingredients for marinade:

egg white

1 teaspoon wine

a pinch of salt

Ingredients for sauce:

cup chicken broth

cup juice from steaming scallops

tablespoon wine

teaspoon salt

Dash of pepper

Ingredients for thickening:

tablespoon each cornstarch, water


Remove the skin and organs from the squid.  Rinse clean, pound into a mash, then mix with the marinade ingredients and ground pork.  Mix several times by scooping out mixture with hand and throwing back into bowl.  Divide into 2 equal portions.  Rinse the scallops clean.  Place cup water in steamer and steam scallops until soft.  Shred the scallops.  Retain the juice from steaming for use in the sauce.  Wash, parboil, and cool the cabbage.  Place 4 cabbage leaves on the bamboo mat, alternating leaves and stems at top.  Place one filling on top and roll into a cylinder.  Make 2.  Cut rolls into 3 cm. wide sections.  Dip both sides of the cabbage sections in the scallop shreds.  Place on plate and steam over a high flame for 5 minutes.  Remove cabbage sections to platter.  Bring retained juice and sauce ingredients to a boil.  Thicken with thickening ingredients, then sprinkle on sesame oil.  Pour this mixture on cabbage rolls.

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