Crispy Lotus Root Slices Recipe

Crispy Lotus Root Slices Recipe

(Taiwanese Recipes)

Ingredients: Serves 4

300g lotus root

6 bird's eye chilies (diced)

1 tablespoon chopped garlic

1 tablespoon scallions

1 tablespoon chopped red chilies

1 tablespoon chopped continental parsley

1 teaspoon salt

30g crispy mix flour


Pepper Salt: (mix well)

˝ tablespoon fine salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon five spices powder



Wash the lotus root and cut into thin slices.  Blanch into boiling water for 5 minutes.  Remove and drained.  Keep aside.  Mix the lotus root slices with crispy mix flour and salt until well combined.  Deep-fry in hot oil until golden in color and crispy.  Remove and drain well.  Leave 1 tablespoon oil in the preheated wok to sauté chopped garlic, chopped scallions and chopped red chilies until fragrant.  Add in pre-fried lotus root slices, stirring constantly for a while.  Lastly, mix with pepper salt mixture, stir-fry until well combined.  Dish up and serve immediately.


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