Sri Lankan Recipes

Recipes of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan recipes, using both modern and traditional methods, are provided below for your cooking pleasure.  Sri Lanka, an island, small in size but with an amazing and vast varieties of food in different styles of cooking. Sri Lankan curry seasonings are generally roasted before blending, which adds a darker color and distinctive smoky character.  Its dishes and the methods adopted in cooking Sri Lankan food are varied and emphasized on its hill country vegetables, fruits, spices, coastal cooking - making the best of the abundant seafood and Tamil cooking which is greatly influenced by southern Indian style of cooking.  Sri Lankan dishes is also greatly influenced by the foreigners, Indians, Arabs, Malays, Moors, Portugese, Dutch and British, who came and stayed about a hundred years ago and until now.  Some of the most popular Sri Lankan recipes are Kakuluwo Curry or Crab Curry, Lampries Curry, Thora Malu Siyambala Achcharu or Seer Fish Pickle with Tamarind, Mas Paan or Meat Buns and the very popular cake in Sri Lanka, that is the Love Cake.  Besides the few popular dishes mentioned above, curries are inevitably part of every Sri Lankan meal and rice is the staple food of the people of Sri Lanka. One of the most popular Sri Lankan, Sinhalese rice recipe is the Milk Rice which is rice prepared in coconut milk, kiri bath and is part of the traditions of the Sinhalese people.  Another popular Sri Lankan rice dish is the Lampries, which is a 'special occasion' dish in Sri Lanka.  Sri Lankan desserts are usually served during festive occasions.


  1. Abba (Country Mustard)

  2. Abba Achcharu (Mustard Pickle)

  3. Appé - Hoppers (Bowl-Shaped Pancakes)

  4. Beef Curry

  5. Beef Pepper Curry

  6. Beef Smoore

  7. Ceylon Curry Powder

  8. Chicken Curry

  9. Chicken Gizzard Curry

  10. Chicken Mulligatawny

  11. Chili Sambol (Seeni Sambola)

  12. Coconut Milk Gravy (Kiri Hodhi)

  13. Dehi Rata Indi Chutney (Lime Date Chutney)

  14. Dhallo Badun (Fried Squid or Calamari Curry)

  15. Dry-Fried Shrimps

  16. Duck Padre Curry

  17. Elolu Curry (Vegetable Curry)

  18. Fish Curry (Malu Curry)

  19. Fish Curry and Tomato

  20. Fish Curry with Tamarind

  21. Fish Koftas

  22. Fried Onion Sambol (Badhapu Lunu Sambola)

  23. Fried Pork Curry

  24. Frikkadels (Dutch Forcemeat Balls)

  25. Ghee Rice

  26. Green Banana Curry

  27. Kaha Bath (Yellow Rice)

  28. Kakuluwo Curry (Crab Curry)

  29. Kakuluwo Omelet Curry (Crab Omelet Curry)

  30. Kalupol Sambola (Roasted Coconut Sambol)

  31. Kiri Bath (Milk Rice)

  32. Koppé Bath (Cup Rice)

  33. Lampries (Rice cooked in stock)

  34. Lampries Curry

  35. Leila's Rotis (Sri Lankan Bread)

  36. Meat with Palm Sugar

  37. Paripoo (Srilankan Lentils)

  38. Patties (Sri Lankan Savory Pastries)

  39. Pittu Sri Lankan

  40. Pork Red Curry (Ooroomas Rathu Curry)

  41. Prawn Blachan

  42. Pumpkin Curry

  43. Red Prawn Curry

  44. Rotis (Flat Bread)

  45. Salt Fish and Eggplant Curry

  46. Scrambled Eggs with Flavorings

  47. Skewered Beef Curry

  48. Sour Fish Curry (Ambul Thiyal)

  49. Spicy Barbecued Fish

  50. Stringhoppers (Iddi Appe)

  1. Thambung Hodhi (Sour Soup)

  2. Thora Malu Siyambala Achcharu

  3. Tripe Curry

  4. Vambotu Pahi (Aubergine Pickle)

  5. White Curry Fish

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