Philippines Recipes

Recipes of Philippines

All Philippines Recipes consists of food, being Malay-based is one of the most varied and exciting cuisines in the South East Asia.  Recipes of the Philippines are influenced  by a mixture of Malay, Chinese and Spanish, with just  a touch of American influence.  The Filipinos also introduced many of their Filipino Recipes for their Filipino foods and special festive dishes, such as the arroz a la paella, menudo, pochero, morcon, fritada, cardillo, leche flan, capuchinos and membrillo.  Filipino cuisine is as much influenced by Spanish tastes as it is by the Malay and Chinese way of cooking besides the native Filipino food dishes whereas the Chinese influence is also strongly evident in Filipino food such as the pancit guisado recipe and other Filipino noodle dishes.  As in the rest of Asia, rice is also the staple food of the Philippine people.  In this country, lunch and dinner are both big meals for the Filipinos.  The Filipino-Chinese food came to Philippine through the Chinese who came to trade and sometimes stayed on.  When the Spaniards came, they brought their food influences from Spain and Mexico to Philippine.  From the most famous and popular national dishes such as Adobo, stuffed chicken breast Marengo (apparently, this dish was created to serve Napoleon, the ruler of olden France), to the fiery foods of the Bicol region where coconut milk is a favored ingredient, Filipino food is a concoction of the tantalizing textures, flavors and colors.  Other traditional dishes of the Philippines or traditional Filipino recipes are the guinataan recipe, pesa recipe, sinigang recipe, kari-kari recipe, pipian recipe, and kilawin recipe; just to name a few of the Filipino best, famous and popular recipes.  We have provided below recipes of the Philippines which are tasty, delicious, easy and simple to follow, cooking techniques and method on how to cook Filipino food.  Have fun!


  1. Amargoso Salad - Bitter Melon Salad

  2. Ampalaya - Bitter Melon with Shrimps

  3. Baked Crusty Chicken Casserole

  4. Bean Curd and Pork in Vinaigrette

  5. Beef and Pork Balls Simmered in Stock

  6. Beef Bulalo - Bone Marrow Soup

  7. Beef Shanks with Vegetables

  8. Beef Stewed in Beer and Tomato

  9. Beef and Vegetable Stew (Kari-Kari)

  10. Beehoon Guisado

  11. Cannelloni ala Rossini

  12. Cassava Cake

  13. Chicken and Vegetable Soup

  14. Chicken Cocido

  15. Chicken Fritada

  16. Chicken Pork Adobo

  17. Chicken Rice Congee (Arroz Caldo)

  18. Chocolate Pistachio Marquise

  19. Cuban-Style Rice

  20. Filipino Meat Loaf

  21. Filipino Pipi-An (Chicken and Pork)

  22. Filipino Pochero

  23. Fish with Ginger

  24. Fried Fish with Tomatoes and Egg

  25. Fried Golden Calamari

  26. Fried Noodles with Mixed Meats

  27. Gambas - Spicy Shrimps

  28. Garlic Mayonnaise Dip

  29. Ginger Chicken Soup

  30. Green Salad

  31. Grilled Marinated Pork

  32. Guisadong Repolyo - Sauteed Cabbage

  33. Lumpia

  34. Luzon-Style Paella (Bringhe)

  35. Marinated Fish Salad

  36. Mechado - Beef Pot Roast

  37. Menudo

  38. Milkfish Belly Stewed in Vinegar

  39. Misu Tomato Sauce

  40. Molo Soup (Wonton Soup)

  41. Mongo Guisado - Stewed Mung Beans

  42. Ox Tongue Casserole

  43. Oxtail in Peanut-Flavored Stew

  44. Paella

  45. Pancit Canton Style Noodles

  46. Papaya Relish (Achara)

  47. Pesa (Fish with Ginger)

  48. Picadillo - Beef and Vegetable Soup

  49. Pinakbet - Vegetable Stew

  50. Pork and Shrimp Balls

  1. Prawns in Coconut Milk

  2. Rellenong Talong - Stuffed Aubergines

  3. Rice with Chicken

  4. Rice with Chicken and Seafood

  5. Rich Beef Stew

  6. Sauce for Lumpia

  7. Seafood Noodles (Pancit Palabok)

  8. Shrimp and Sausage Fried Rice

  9. Shrimp Paste Dip (Bagoong Guisado)

  10. Shrimps in Coconut Milk

  11. Sinukmani

  12. Sotanghon - Chicken and Pork Vermicelli

  13. Sour Cream-Mayonnaise Dip

  14. Sour Soup of Beef (Sinigang Na Carne)

  15. Stewed Mud Crabs

  16. Stewed Pork

  17. Stewed Vegetables with Fried Fish

  18. Stuffed Beef Roll - Morcon

  19. Stuffed Chicken Breast Marengo

  20. Stuffed Crabs

  21. Stuffed Milkfish

  22. Sweet Sour Fish (Escabeche)

  23. Tripe and Sausage with Chickpeas

  24. Umba - Simmered Pork

  25. Water Convolvulus Fritters

  26. Wheat Noodles with Pork Balls

  27. Yema Balls

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