Beansprouts and Prawn Fritters Recipe

Beansprouts and Prawn Fritters Recipe

(Nyonya Heh Kian Taugeh Recipe)


250g beansprouts (tail removed)

150g fresh prawns (shrimps)

8 tablespoons plain flour

teaspoon baking powder

10 tablespoon water

2 rice bowls oil

salt to taste



Bruise beansprouts with fingers and set aside.  Shell, wash and drain prawns.  Mince.  Add minced prawns, salt, flour, baking powder and water to bruised beansprouts.  Mix well until batter is smooth.  Heat oil in the frying pan.  Deep fry mixture in spoonfuls.  The fritters must be thin and about 4-5 cm in diameter.  Serve with chili sauce and rice.  Yambean may be used instead of beansprouts for this dish.  A variation omits prawns in the recipe.


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