Indonesian Recipes

Recipes of Indonesia

Indonesian Recipes are popular and famous throughout the world.  Southeast Asia countries, food is often the last bastion of our individual cultures.  We seldom dress according to our ethnicities, but we still hark back to our roots when it comes to food.  Indeed, our roots call to us when we sit down for a meal, may it be lunch or dinner.  Food is our cultural heritage.  In Indonesia everyday meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper are not a social activity and eating is usually a solitary occupation; food is quickly eaten in a quiet corner and always with the right hand.  (The left hand is considered unclean and it is an offence to pass something or eat with the left hand).  As in many Asian countries, rice is the staple food in Indonesia, famous with its many rice recipes such as the Fragrant Rice Recipe, Indonesian Lontong or Compressed Rice Cakes and its festive Yellow Rice Recipes.  Its magnificently sculpted, terraced rice fields are often featured in postcards and advertisements.  As trade between India and the Spice Islands grew and Western colonization became an equalizing factor, curries evolved into local cuisine in Southeast Asian countries.  Across the Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia and Singapore, curries became very much part of the daily diet of Indonesian.  As in India, the varieties evolved to a range that included searing red hot curries to milder, more herbal dishes - like our Indonesians Turmeric Chicken Curry Recipe.  There are also the best, tasty, delicious, most famous and popular Indonesian food such as the Creamy Duck Curry Recipe, Opor Ayam Recipe, Singgang Daging Recipe, Semur Ayam Recipe, Rendang Daging Recipe, Spicy Tempe with Quail Eggs Recipe and Hot and Sour Seafood Soup Recipe or Ikan Assam Pedas Recipe.  Indonesian cooking techniques, ways and methods are very easy and simple and vary little from that of other cultures and cuisines.  The key secrets in preparing Indonesian food recipes lies in the mixing and blending of spices, and as such, it is important to use only fresh Asian ingredients and spices when preparing Indonesian dishes.  Steaming is very famous and popular cooking method throughout Indonesia for meat, fish, rice, vegetables, sausages and sweet snacks recipes.  It is a very gentle cooking process and steamed food retains many nutrients and vitamins.  There is also the quick and basic cooking methods for tender cuts of meat or fish ie sautéing or pan-frying besides the traditional roasting methods.


  1. Arem-Arem (Steamed Rice with Beef)

  2. Aubergines in Spicy Coconut Milk

  3. Aubergines Soy Bean Cake in Peanut Sauce

  4. Ayam Panggang Menado (Barbecued Chicken)

  5. Balinese Seafood Spice Paste

  6. Balinese Spicy Fish (Ikan Bumbu Bali)

  7. Bean Curd Dried Noodles Soup

  8. Bean Curd Shrimp Fritters (Tahu Gimbal)

  9. Bean Curd with Peanut Sauce

  10. Beef and White Radish Clear Soup

  11. Beef Braised in Coconut Milk (Rendang Sapi)

  12. Bergedel (Potato and Fish Cakes)

  13. Braised Five-Spice Pumpkin

  14. Cassava Leaves and Salted Fish Curry

  15. Cauliflower Soup

  16. Chicken in Chili Gravy

  17. Chicken in Spicy Peanut Sauce

  18. Chicken in Spicy Tomato Sauce

  19. Chicken in Sweet Sour Soup

  20. Chicken Soup

  21. Chicken with Tomato Spices

  22. Chili Tamarind Fruit Salad

  23. Chili-Fried Chicken

  24. Clams Braised in Spiced Coconut Milk

  25. Coconut Fish Curry

  26. Coconut Milk Rice in Banana Leaf

  27. Cooked Vegetables with Coconut

  28. Corn Fritters

  29. Crab Curry (Kare Kepiting)

  30. Crab in Turmeric Sauce

  31. Creamy Duck Curry

  32. Delicate Chicken Soup

  33. Dried Spiced Beef (Dendeng Balado)

  34. Duck in Red Chili Sauce

  35. East Javanese Red Spice Paste

  36. East Javanese Yellow Spice Paste

  37. Eggs in Spicy Coconut Milk

  38. Ferntop Salad with Roasted Coconut

  39. Festive Yellow Rice

  40. Fish Roe Curry (Gulai Telur Ikan)

  41. Fragrant Rice

  42. French Beans Curry (Gulai Buncis)

  43. Fresh Carrot and Cucumber Salad

  44. Fried Bean Curd with Turmeric Sauce

  45. Fried Beef in Soy Sauce Gravy

  46. Fried Chili Sambal

  47. Fried Spiced Fermented Soybean

  48. Fried Sweet Potato Balls

  49. Fried Vermicelli (Bihun Goreng)

  50. Galangal-Fried Chicken

  51. Golden Vegetable Pickle

  52. Grilled Chicken (Ayam Betutu)

  53. Grilled Chicken in Spicy Coconut Gravy

  54. Grilled Chicken with Sour Sauce

  55. Grilled Fish in Banana Leaves

  56. Grilled Fish with Tomatoes and Chilies

  57. Gulai Cumi-Cumi

  58. Herbal Fish Curry

  59. Hot and Sour Seafood Soup

  60. Jackfruit in Coconut Milk

  61. Jimbaran Bay Snapper

  62. Ketoprak (Vermicelli with Peanus Sauce)

  63. Laksa (Indonesian Rich Noodle Soup)

  64. Lamb Curry

  65. Lamb in Poppy Seed Curry

  66. Lamb in Sweet Soy Sauce (Tongseng)

  67. Lamb Leg Curry

  68. Lamb Soup (Sup Kambing)

  69. Lamb Stew with Spices (Gulai Bagar)

  70. Lamb with Bamboo Shoot Curry

  71. Lobsters in Yellow Sauce

  72. Lontong (Compressed Rice Cake)

  73. Madurese-Style Lamb Satay

  74. Manado-Style Curry Chicken

  75. Manado Vegetable Congee

  76. Marbled Eggs

  77. Meat and Grated Coconut Curry

  78. Meat Dumpling Noodle Soup (Bakso Lengkap)

  79. Mild Chicken Curry

  80. Minced Duck Sate

  1. Minced Seafood Satay

  2. Mixed Vegetables in Clear Soup

  3. Mushrooms and Chicken in Banana Leaf

  4. Mutton Dry Curry

  5. Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)

  6. Nasi Goreng Sauce

  7. Nasi Kuning

  8. Nasi Kunyit (Turmeric Glutinous Rice)

  9. Nasi Langgi

  10. Northern Sulawesi Five-Spice Paste

  11. Opor Ayam

  12. Oxtail Soup

  13. Papaya and Meat Soup (Gedang Mekuah)

  14. Papaya Salad (Gohu)

  15. Pineapple in Coconut Milk (Pacri Nanas)

  16. Pork Sambal

  17. Prawn Fritters

  18. Rendang Daging (Dry-Fried Beef Curry)

  19. Rice Cooked in Coconut Milk with Spices

  20. Rice Dumplings with Noodles (Mi Lontong)

  21. Rich Chicken Soup (Soto Ayam Bersantan)

  22. Roast Duck in Banana Leaf

  23. Sambal Buncis (Green Bean Sambal)

  24. Sambal Lado

  25. Sambal Tempe Teri Kacang

  26. Sambal Ulek

  27. Satay Manis (Sweet Skewered Meat)

  28. Satay Sauce

  29. Sate Padang

  30. Semur Ayam

  31. Shrimp and Soy Bean Cake Broth

  32. Shrimps with Coconut Flesh

  33. Shrimps with Lime and Basil

  34. Singgang Daging (Beef Spareribs Special)

  35. Soto Ayam (Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup)

  36. Sour Bamboo Shoots Soup

  37. Spiced Chicken in Coconut Cream

  38. Spicy Beef Soup (Soto Padang)

  39. Spicy Chicken Innards (Ungkep Jerohan)

  40. Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup

  41. Spicy Clay Pot Chicken

  42. Spicy Eggs

  43. Spicy Fruit Salad

  44. Spicy Prawns with Petai

  45. Spicy Tempe with Quail Eggs

  46. Spinach in Coconut Milk (Sayur Bubur)

  47. Spinach Soup with Sweet Corn

  48. Steamed Fish in Banana Leaf

  49. Stir-Fried Bitter Gourd (Tumis Pare)

  50. Stir-Fried Squid

  51. String  Beans in Coconut Gravy

  52. Sweet Cabbage Curry

  53. Sweet Corn Patties

  54. Sweet Curry Fish (Gulai Ikan Lemak Manis)

  55. Sweet Soy Marinade Sate

  56. Tuna Salad with Green Mangoes

  57. Turmeric Curry Chicken

  58. Vegetable and Bean Curd Stew

  59. Vegetable Curry (Sayur Kare)

  60. Vegetable Pickle (Acar Campur)

  61. Vegetable Salad with Potato Sauce

  62. Yellow Spiced Grilled Chicken

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