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Traditional Asian desserts and kuih, cakes, sweets, pastries, pudding, and jelly recipes for all southeast asian countries both traditionally or local are easy and simple desserts to make at home.  Comforting and familiar, Asian desserts and sweets have been an addiction since man discovered sugar and honey during the dawn of civilization.  Today, we flock the many outlets of kuih, desserts and sweets stalls for that sugar-fix.  Although much loved by many, the secrets and how to make or prepare these homely, tasty and delicious treats are fast becoming lost artforms.  Take a delicious trip down memory lane and get busy with our Asian traditional nyonya or peranakan kuih and desserts recipes.  Asian sweets and desserts are served either at the last course of a meal or during teatime.  It was usual to offer an array of kuih and desserts after a meal which might be a pudding, custard, paste, fruit, candies, cream, sweet and savory dumplings or soups, delectable snacks or 'dim sum', fancy cake or pastries.  Besides the usual kuih or crackers - excite jaded palate and sight with this exotic platter laden with Malaysian Peranakan or Nyonya kuih and desserts - nyonya kuih talam, huat kuih or fluffy sweet rice cake, kuih koci, and kuih kosui, teochew dessert - au nee or sweet yam paste; beautifully crafted Japanese desserts and  confectionary - green tea ice cream, milk kanten or Japanese milk jelly; Thai desserts - Thai fried pineapple, Thai tapioca pudding, and  jellies;  Indonesian desserts and kuih - barongkolo pisang, kuih abuk-abuk, kuih nagasari and crackers; Indian desserts - Indian almond ice cream, Kashmiri apple pudding, saffron and cardamom yogurt and sweetmeats; Filipino desserts - Leche Flan, iced fruit mix, and purple yam pudding.  Nowadays, the habit is to offer one or more of the kuih and desserts - but the importance of the sweets and desserts course remains undiminished.


  1. Abuk Abuk (Nyonya Kuih)

  2. Almond and Rice Pudding

  3. Almond Jelly

  4. Almonds Stewed with Papaya

  5. Angkoo Kuih

  6. Apom Bokwa (Bokwa Pancakes)

  7. Apom Manis (Indian Sweet Pancakes)

  8. Apricot Pudding

  9. Au Nee (Teochew Sweet Yam Paste)

  10. Avocado Ice

  11. Baked Yogurt with figs

  12. Banana and Sago in Coconut Milk

  13. Banana Fritters

  14. Banana Passion Fruit Sherbet

  15. Barongkolo Pisang (Mashed Banana)

  16. Bee Koh (Glutinous Rice Kuih)

  17. Bee Koh Moy (Black Glutinous Rice Broth)

  18. Black Glutinous Rice Angku Kuih

  19. Black Sesame Dumplings

  20. Brown Rice Gingko Sweet Soup

  21. Bubur Cha Cha

  22. Carang Gesing (Indonesian dessert)

  23. Carrot Halwa

  24. Cassava and Sago

  25. Chai Kuih

  26. Chendol

  27. Chinese Crullers (You-Tiao)

  28. Chinese Pancake with Ground Peanuts

  29. Cinnamon Punch with Dried Persimmon

  30. Coconut Crème Brulee

  31. Coconut Glutinous Rice Balls (Mendut)

  32. Coconut Jelly

  33. Coconut Leche Flan

  34. Coconut Milk Kuih

  35. Coconut Red Beans Cake

  36. Coconut Yam Pudding

  37. Dragon Fruit Jelly

  38. Durian Pudding

  39. Empanadas - Meat Filled Pastries

  40. Fa Sang Wu (Peanut Cream)

  41. Filipino Coconut Milk Pudding

  42. Filipino Guava Jelly

  43. Filipino Iced Fruit Mix

  44. Filipino Leche Flan

  45. Filipino Mango Ice Cream

  46. Filipino Purple Yam Pudding

  47. Fried Apple

  48. Fried Bananas

  49. Frozen Bananas in Coconut and Peanuts

  50. Frozen Orange Sherbet

  51. Fruits and Red Beans Shaved Ice

  52. Gandum (Sweet Wheat Porridge)

  53. Ginger Cookies Dipped in Honey

  54. Ginger-Flavored Crème Brulee

  55. Glutinous Rice and Adzuki Beans

  56. Glutinous Rice and Raisin Delight

  57. Glutinous Rice Ball

  58. Glutinous Rice with Mangoes

  59. Goreng Pisang

  60. Grapefruit Granita with Raspberries

  61. Green Beans with Pearl Sago

  62. Green Tea Ice Cream

  63. Green Tea Tiramisu

  64. Guinataan Filipino Dessert

  65. Honey-Drizzled Rice Cakes

  66. Huat Kuih - Sweet Rice Cake

  67. Indian Almond Ice-Cream

  68. Indonesian Layered Banana Cakes

  69. Japanese Apple Kanten

  70. Japanese Chunky Cold Adzuki Cake

  71. Japanese Cold Adzuki Cake

  72. Japanese Cold Green Tea Cake

  73. Japanese Green Plum Liquor Jelly

  74. Jasmine Rice Pudding

  75. Jemput Pisang - Mashed Banana Fritters

  76. Kashmiri Apple Pudding

  77. Kaya (Coconut Egg Jam)

  78. Korean Festive Cakes (Songpyeon)

  79. Korean Sweet Glutinous Rice

  80. Korean Sweet Rice Cake

  81. Kuih Abuk-Abuk (Indonesian Dessert)

  82. Kuih Dadar Tayap (Crepe Coconut Filling)

  83. Kuih Ee (Sticky Rice Balls in Syrup)

  84. Kuih Koci

  85. Kuih Kodok Cokodok (Banana Fritters)

  86. Kuih Nagasari

  87. Kuih Seri Muka

  88. Kuih Talam

  89. Kuih Talam Coffee

  90. Legondo (Sweet Banana Rice Rolls)

  1. Lemongrass Yogurt

  2. Lepat Pisang

  3. Lotus Seeds Soup with Quail Eggs

  4. Mango Lassi

  5. Mango Pudding

  6. Mango Sticky Rice

  7. Marshmallows

  8. Milk Kanten (Japanese Milk Jelly)

  9. Nutty Bananas

  10. Nyonya Kuih Kosui

  11. Onde Onde (Nyonya Dessert)

  12. Papaya and Tapioca Pearls Syrup

  13. Papaya Sponge Flan

  14. Payasam

  15. Penang Rojak

  16. Pengat

  17. Persimmon Sherbet

  18. Pickled Radish Rice Pudding

  19. Plum Wine Osmanthus Jelly

  20. Pomegranate Sherbet

  21. Pulut Panggang - Glutinous Rice

  22. Pulut Tai Tai (Glutinous Rice Kuih)

  23. Pumpkin Veggie Steamed Buns

  24. Radish Glutinous Dumplings

  25. Rainbow Marshmallow Pudding

  26. Rami Oh Ku Kuih

  27. Rasmalai with Rose Water and Pistachios

  28. Rice and Custard Layers (Katrisolo)

  29. Rice Pudding

  30. Rich Cashew Nut Ice-Cream

  31. Roasted Fruits

  32. Saffron and Cardamom Yogurt

  33. Saffron Yogurt and Fruits

  34. Sago Pudding

  35. Semolina Pudding

  36. Sesame Dumplings

  37. Shanghai Steamed Cake

  38. Sherry Trifle

  39. Snow Skin Red Bean Cake

  40. Spiced Banana Cream

  41. Steamed Coconut Palm Sugar Cake

  42. Steamed Custard in Nectarines

  43. Steamed Pumpkin Cake

  44. Steamed Red Bean Bun

  45. Steamed Sago Cake

  46. Steamed Water Chestnut Cake

  47. Stewed Hasma in Coconut

  48. Stewed Pears and Tangerine Peel

  49. Sweet Clear Dessert Soup

  50. Sweet Glutinous Rice with Red Beans

  51. Sweet Potato and Sesame Balls

  52. Sweetened Bananas Cooked in Syrup

  53. Tapioca in Sweet Gravy

  54. Tapioca Pearls with Cantaloupe

  55. Tapioca with Coconut Cream

  56. Tausuan with Durian and Coconut Milk

  57. Ten-Grain Sweet Soup

  58. Thai Fried Pineapple

  59. Thai Tako

  60. Thai Tapioca Pudding

  61. Tropical Fruits Delight

  62. Turtle Jelly with Honey

  63. Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

  64. Walnut Honey Mousse

  65. Walnut Peanut Sweet Soup

  66. Walnuts and Black Sesame Paste

  67. Water Chestnut Jelly

  68. Water Chestnuts Sweet Soup

  69. White Chocolate Mousse

  70. White Fungus in Almond Tea

  71. Winter Melon and Medlar Thin Syrup

  72. Yam and Sago Cake

  73. Yam and Tapioca Pearl Dessert

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