Apom Manis Recipe

Apom Manis Recipe


1 cup of high grade rice

coconut, grated

level teaspoon baking powder

teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon sugar

Cooking oil



Soak rice in water overnight, discard water, wash rice.  Put the rice into electric blender, add a little water and grind finely (do not add too much water because coconut milk is to be added later, the batter has to be as thick as possible).  Pour the batter into a mixing bowl or container.  Add baking powder, sugar and salt.  Add coconut milk slowly stirring well until batter is just slightly watery.  Leave aside for 3 hours.  Whip batter well just before cooking.  Heat kuali or small pan until hot (do not overheat).  Use a clean cloth to rub pan with cooking oil.  Stir the batter well.  Scoop 3 tablespoons into the pan.  Quickly lift the 2 ears of the pan and swivel to make the batter spread well and evenly (about 14cm in diameter).  Put down the pan and let the batter set and cook.  Scrape the side with a metal spatula and dish out.  Serve hot.


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